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The Detox Level 1 Curriculum


Hydro Therapy Detox
Castor Steam, Ion Hydrotherapy, Juicing, Nutritional Fasting, Whirlpool Baths, Herbal Baths, Hydro Wraps, Colon Therapy

Nutritional Detox
Vegan Meals,  Meal Planning Weight Control Assessment Natural Foods Detox Drinks

Herbal Therapy Detox
Colon, Liver, Kidney Cleansing, Detox and Blood Purging Herbs

Touch Therapy Detox
Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Shiatsu, Massage, Reflexology

Metaphysics of Detox
Chakra Detox, Reiki, Vibration Therapy, Meditation

Detox Movement
Walks, Khamitic Yoga, Detox Healing Dance

Organ Detox Identification
Facial Analysis, pH Analysis

Urine Analysis

Detox Therapy Level 1 Supplies

Detox Therapy Book

Urine Analysis Multistix 10 SG

5.5-8.5 pH Paper

Detox Therapist Certification
Level 1 and 2 Series

2024 January 6,13, 20 and 27

Learn the latest Detox techniques

for yourself, your family or your professional service.

Join Dr. Akua on Saturday mornings for this 4 part series of online and hands-on learning. 7am CST/8am EST Each 2 hour online class is a fusion of Detox Therapist I and Detox Therapist II Certifications in one. The theoretical reality will reignite your quest to getting your health on track, learning the assessment process of biochemical testing will expand you awareness for listening to the body, the hands on meal prep and therapies is designed to employ your practical learning.

The body’s natural ability to heal itself involves millions of processes that are involuntary and unknown in the presence of daily life. These processes are intended to maintain the order and natural flow of the human body. This natural rhythm extends the life span of man and allows for what we term as good health for the duration of his time in the physical realm. Unfortunately man has created a world where this ideal natural function of the body has been under assault for more than one hundred years since the onset of the industrial age and has created a chemical culture.

This chemical culture is attached to every aspect of the physical world: the food industry, personal products, medications, clothing, housing and transportation. Man has become so accustomed to pollutants and toxins it is not even a second thought until the body reminds him that something in his environment is out of balance and working against his health. No one wants to be diseased or dead. However, the quality of life in today’s chemical culture is being reduced and there is a need for educated wellness providers who are skilled in the methods of alleviating the premature aging processes of organ degeneration and disease states that exist based on the high levels of chemical intakes within the toxic realm.

At A Life Of Peace Wellness Education Institute, we have developed a unique Detox Therapist Training Program that prepares the student to service the whole needs of the client in all aspects of living. Detoxification for many has to be a lifestyle change and not just quick fix. Therefore, students are taught to approach the detox process from a naturopathic perspective, with full focus on not only the physical, but the emotional, mental and spiritual need for cleansing and rejuvenation.

Improve your health with the Detox Therapy Book

 Order Your Copy Today

Be a part of the evolution back to NATURE!

Join us for the Detox Therapist Online Training

Detox Therapy Level 1 Live Online
October 24,26,31 and November 2

Tuesday and Thursday evenings 7pm CST/8pm EST

The Detox Therapist Level 1 Training Video Course is now available!
Learning the methods and techniques of detox health programs have never been easier. We now have available the entire Detox Therapist course in video format for distant independent learning. You set the time, you set the pace and the tuition is a great savings!
Benefits of the self-paced Detox Therapist Online Training:
1. Order your Textbook:
2. Save time
3. Save money
4. Teacher assistance available
5. Watch the video as often as you like
6. Open enrollment anytime

Detox Therapist Training Level 2 

This 2 day advanced hands-on segment of the Detox Therapy Certification is designed to prepare you for professional service.

For 2022 this class has been moved to the online platform. Detox Therapist Level 1 Certification is a pre-requisite to this course.


Detox Therapist  Level 2 Training 

2024 Schedule.


April 4th & 11th

The Detox Level 2 Curriculum

Day 1 
Detox Assessment Review
Water Testing * PH Testing * Urine Analysis * Facial Analysis * Metabolism Calculation 

Nutritional Detox
Detox Natural Foods Preparation * The Detox Meal * Detox Juicing * Detox Smoothie Fruits and Greens * Cool Green Drink * Goddess Potion 

Herbal Methods of Application for Formulating Detox Products

Tincture * Teas * Capsules * Syrup * Tonic * Survey of Herbal Detoxes 

Hydro Therapies 
Make Herbal Bath Sachets * Hydro Wraps * Castor Steaming 


Day 2  
Touch Therapy Continuation 
Lymphatic Drainage Therapy 

Detox Movement 
Kriya Yoga Cleansing 

Metaphysics of Detox
Sample Meditation * Vibration Therapy with Tibetan Singing Bowls

Detox Therapy Business


Supplies Needed:

 - Detox Lab Kit from you Level 1 Course

 - Neti Pot and Sea Salt

 - 32oz mason jar and 8oz of a toning herb your choice

  - Massage table or comfortable place for therapy practical

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