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Holistic Doula Training

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A Holistic Doula is a birth worker with the skills to heal as well as nurture. She offers the light of wellness from a balanced physical, mental, emotional and spiritual point of view and gives the families she serves an unconditional touch of loving care that is needed for a peaceful and joyful reception of new life!


A Holistic Doula learns how to work in all types of settings: hospitals, birthing centers and in home births. Our primary textbook is Holistic Doula: A Complete Wellness Guide for Doula Care by K. Akua Gray. We also use a variety of Doula textbooks to enhance learning including The Doula Book by Klaus, Klaus and Kennell and The Birth Partner by Penny Simkin. 

The Curriculum
* Reproductive Anatomy
* Pregnancy Physiology
* Labor and Birth Medical Terminology
* History and Duties of the Labor and Postpartum Doula
* Compassion, Care and Cultural Awareness Skills
* 6 Holistic Therapies for Pregnancy and Birthing
* Maternal Social Services
* Signs and Symptoms of Pregnancy
* Prenatal Care Assistance
* Labor and Birth Assistance

* Birthing Ball and Rebozo Techniques
* Birthing Options
* The Role of the Father
* The Birth Plan
* Breastfeeding Support
* Infant Care including Baby Bonding Techniques

* The Doula Business 

* Learn about the more than 20 types of Doula Professionals

* Learning for each module is enhanced with written assignments, reading summaries, practicals in wellness therapies, prenatal, birth and postpartum  services.

Each year at A Life Of Peace Wellness Education Institute, we have two options for gaining certification as a Holistic Doula. You are welcome to attend one of our 7 Day international retreats in Ghana, West Africa where we work diligently in learning both theory and hands on practices for prenatal, birth and postpartum services. Lodging, two meals (breakfast and lunch) and some time to relax and explore Ghana is included. Students will fully complete their training practical as a volunteer doula at one of our local maternity clinic.


If you require distant learning, we also have an online course. These four days of  multimedia experiences bring the doula profession to life in this easy learning atmosphere. The curriculum is identical to the in person classes and hands on learning assignments are given to online students for additional practice with your Holistic Doula Home Training Kit. 

                             2024 Training Schedule

              February 10, 11, 17 and 18, Weekends Online

                    February 21-28, Cape Coast, Ghana

                           April 12-15, Houston, TX

                   June 1, 2, 8, and 9, Weekends Online

                           June 21-24, Houston, TX

                      July 10-18, Cape Coast, Ghana

Houston and Atlanta Retreats include lodging and meals.

Retreats at Ghana International training include lodging, meals,  and practical assignments with full certification.

Holistic Doula Ethics
The following Holistic Doula Ethics have been adopted by A Life Of Peace Wellness Education Institute and Divine Ascension Birth Services as the primary code of ethics that are in alignment with both national and international doula and birth organization standards. It is our charge to every Holistic Doula that is trained and certified through the Holistic Doula Certification Program to adhere to every ethic outlined below as a method of maintaining professionalism and care of every client of service.

I. Code of Conduct 
1.    Display and perform with the highest standards of professional integrity.
2.    Maintain professional business standards according to state and federal laws. 
3.    Remain proficient, professional, and progressive in all present and future doula services.
4.    Uphold a standard of consist continuing education bi-annually.
5.    Seek out and maintain professional affiliations to establish a network of support.
6.    Attend conferences/conventions to maximize on available growth potential resources.

II. Responsibility to Clients 
1.    The doula’s clients are her number one priority.
2.    The doula respects her client’s privacy with complete professional confidence.
3.    The doula provides all stated services in her professional portfolio.
4.    The doula advises and educates according to her scope of training.
5.    The doula will work with confidence in fulfilling all agreed obligations to each client.
6.    The doula will clearly state her fees for service to be rendered including payment options and refund policy.
7.    The doula will always make the appropriate referrals for client’s safety and needs.
8.    The doula does not make decisions for her clients.

III. Responsibility to the Doula Profession 
1.    Treat all birth professionals with respect. 
2.    Do not interfere with a client’s medical care.
3.    Bring value to the doula profession one client at a time.
4.    Create a unique mission of service that answers the need to expand the profession.
5.    Help increase the integrity of the doula professional with excellent service to all clients.



About the Trainers

Dr. Akua Gray, CMW, ND

How I became a holistic birth worker and educator for my community. 

My personal birth experiences were special to me and now as I look back on them nearly three decades later I can say with gratitude that each one of them prepared me for the birthing work that I do today. In just three births I experienced most of the modern techniques of birthing including a medicated birth, cesarean section, and a birthing center birth with natural labor. These three events in my life was the starting point for learning how to assist women on the journey of birthing.

After many years of being a Doctor of Naturopathy, master herbalist, vegan chef and energy medicine specialist in my community, I kept being asked by my Naturopathic clients if I delivered babies and provide prenatal care. My answer was always no. I would often refer these clients to their local midwives, a trusted OB/GYN or doulas for assistance with this part of their health care, until one day a beautiful young lady came to my office for a health consultation and to my surprise and hers she thought she was coming to see a midwife because she had a beautiful vision of what she wanted her holistic natural birth to be like. Once she explained her vision to me and she expressed her desires of the natural setting, the spiritual mood she wanted to create, sipping fresh coconut water to hydrate, I knew from my own birthing experiences that many mothers don’t get a chance to fulfill these types of experiences and I wanted to ensure that a road was opened up so that birthing visions like this could become a reality for families in my community. This was the first revelation. The second calling came just a few months later when a couple that I counseled for marriage and performed their wedding ceremony was ready to start a family. Before conception they called me to ensure that I would be able to also assist them in bringing forth their new life into the world because they wanted a birthing professional that understood their holistic way of living. Again, I had to refer them to another local birthing professional who was cultural but not holistic. After these two request I knew it was time to add birthing to my skill set because I saw a great need in my community that was not being filled. Parents not only wanted natural births, but holistic natural birthing.

My journey then took me to back to school to become a certified professional midwife, doula, and childbirth educator. Including training with the famous midwives on The Farm in Tennessee for Neonatal Resuscitation.  Since then I have assisted with the births of nearly a hundred babies in Ghana, the United States and the Caribbean. It has been a wonderful journey to see families experience water birthing, community birthing, nature births, hospital births with holistic support, lotus births, and home births in the loving atmosphere that they desired and deserved.

What I have also found is that birthing education never ends because babies will always be born and therefore the next generation of holistic birth workers must be taught to provide this service of love for the body, mind and soul of those who choose this sacred journey.


Catrice Harris, CD, Student Midwife

Encouraged to support women after the birth of her own daughters, Catrice has been helping families with childbirth education, labor & birth, and lactation support since 1992.  From day one, she loved being a mom, but before the birth of her two girls, she was not sure of what to expect in this new role.  Because of that, it became very important to help educate others who felt the same way.  Her initial Lactation training was through the University of Texas Health Science Center and City of Houston WIC Programs.  Childbirth Education came next as she began teaching Lamaze classes to expectant families, birth moms, and adopting parents.  In 2012, she was able to take the leap away from Corporate America, and focus full-time attention on caring for women; it was no longer just a part-time venture.  Bridging the gap between Childbirth Education and Breastfeeding support, she began working as a Birth and Postpartum Doula, becoming certified through DONA and ICEA.  Learning more about the wisdom of women’s bodies, Catrice realized there is yet so much more to learn.  In that quest to learn more, she has begun the journey toward Midwifery.  She is very excited to learn from many midwives in the Houston area through births at home, in birth centers, and hospitals as well.  Having supported over 280 women with the births of their babies as of early 2019, and countless more with breastfeeding, she is truly grateful that this work found her! 


Morenike Ra Netchem Tyehimba, MA, IBCLC, CD/PCD

Morenike Ra Netchem Tyehimba holds a Masters in Health and Wellness with a concentration in Human Lactation and is the Chief Executive Officer/Founder of Akwaaba (which means welcome) Wellness. Akwaaba Wellness is an inclusive organization that is dedicated to providing education, support, and nurturing to families during their journey into parenthood. She facilitated the first Baby Café in Savannah, GA and she currently facilitates monthly New Parent & Baby Meetups where she provides breastfeeding education and support, postpartum care tips, prenatal workshops, and infant safety demonstrations to the community.  Morenike sits on the Georgia Breastfeeding Coalition Board,  is a member of the National Perinatal Task Force, and Doula Access Working Group for HMHB- GA.  She is also, the Georgia Representative for the Appalachian Breastfeeding Network.

Morenike became interested in assisting mothers after giving birth to her third child, the experience of a water birth without interventions sparked her desire to help women recognize their power and strength. In 2014, she completed both the birth and postpartum doula workshops offered by DONA International and became a Certified Lactation Counselor through ALPP. In October 2016 she became an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). In 2020 she became a Certified Holistic Doula Trainer with Life of Peace Wellness Education Institute. 


In efforts to decrease the infant and maternal mortality rates, she has partnered with many organizations to provide services, support, and education to many communities in the US. She is passionate about changing the birth and health outcomes of people of color as an effort to correct the wrongs of systemic racism.  


In addition to the work she does with mothers she is also a Meditation Instructor,  Reiki Practitioner,  Energy Healer, a wife, and mother of four beautiful daughters.  Morenike is dedicated to helping families learn about healthy choices and reaching their goals during birth, breastfeeding, and beyond.

Luna 7.jpg

T.Luna Imhotep, ND, CD, M.Div

T. Luna Imhotep aka “The Shawombmyn”, is a lover, sistah, advocate, and educator. She holds a BA and Master's Degrees in the areas of Religion and Theological studies, and is Certified both Nationally and Internationally in multiple Holistic Naturopathic modalities. Her focus has been channeled into her work as a Global Maternal and Infant Health Specialist as she serves Black Birthing families in the U.S. and Abroad.

T. Luna currently holds positions as the CEO and Founder of Asase Ye Duru Health & Wellness/Fruits of Mother Earth Sacred Birth Support, Chieftess of Staff with Equity Before Birth, Training Supervisor with The Holistic Doula Institute in Ghana, West Africa/ Trainer in Naturopathy with A Life of Peace Wellness Institute and serves as the Community Health Coordinator for her family's home healthcare company Serenity Heart Home healthcare.

She is looking forward to taking her passion to the next level as she embarks on a journey as a Midwifery Assistant and Student Midwife. 

In her free time she loves to spend time with family and furbabies, explore new adventures, cuddle and watch POC-Rom-drams, and of course- Read.





Maternity Naturopathic Reiki is a source of love and care for the pregnant woman and her growing baby!

Learn 1st Trimester therapy techniques. Learn 2nd Trimester meditations and self-care. Learn 3rd Trimester relaxation positions and techniques for labor, birth and postpartum.





Childbirth Education is for the whole family, and learning these tools will empower and reinforce knowledge, whether you are a seasoned Birthworker or gaining new information yourself.


Gain knowledge that informs, educates and empowers families to make better decisions for a holistic birth experience.

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