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Naturopathic Touch Reflexology Training

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Reflexology is one of the most ancient documented forms of touch therapy dating back more than 7,000 years to ancient Egypt (Kmt). Naturopathic Touch Reflexology takes its protocol and verses of therapy from ancient Africa, Asia and modern day America to create a healing touch technique for the hands, feet, ears, and scalp that stimulates the complete body system. Learn reflex points, finger action techniques and advanced theory on this ancient art of touch healing. Spring, Summer and Fall semester classes meet Thursday evenings for interactive theory and hands-on practical learning. Use traditional and modern tools for this relaxation therapy that realigns the energy frequencies and channels of the entire body. Payment Plans Available


2023 Schedule



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Class 1: Principles of Reflexology - Explore the history of reflexology from ancient times. Learn how reflexology works as energy medicine for complete cellular stimulation in general and specific health. Learn the details of foot, hand,and scalp anatomy as it relates to the reflexology map. Learn the benefits of reflexology for overall health.

Class 2: Reflexology Techniques - Learn the techniques, complete foot sequence, complete hand sequence, complete ear sequence, complete scalp sequence, foot and hand relaxation exercises. Practice mini sessions.

Class 3: Reflexology for Life's Stages - Learn reflexology for babies, children, teenagers, and elders. Reflexology techniques specific to women, including during pregnancy and specific to men.

Classes 4: Reflexology for Health Concerns and Reflexology Care Plans - Learn body system awareness and techniques. Explore organ specific treatment charts for therapy. Certification Celebration!

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