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"To utilize your full spiritual potential, sometimes you might need a little help." - Dr. Akua

Lifestyle Coaching means laying on the line all the things that create an imbalance in your life. When things aren't going right or when you need more positive change to keep you elevating your consciousness and improving the whole is where Lifestyle Coaching is your greatest benefit!

Move From Stagnation to Real Progress in Your Life!

Let me help you identify personal and professional goals.

Let me help you make a plan to achieve them all.
Let me help you explore the options in their life.

Let me help you meet the challenge of going beyond your comfort zone.

Let me help you remove the roadblocks of fearand procrastination. 

Let me help be fully accountable for remaining on your path to success.

Specialized Lifestyle Coaching Platforms


*Career Tune Up/Career Change Coaching

*Improving Your Communication Skills

*Creating and Implementing a Life Path Plan

*Eating Lifestyle Transition Coaching

*Relationship Building and Improvement

*Holistic Parenting and Youth Coaching

*Permanent Health Solutions Coaching 

*The Life Balancing and Purpose Coaching

*Spiritual Tune Up and Necessary Change 

*Financing and Investments Coaching

*Life Transitions Made Easy

*Personalized Coaching Platforms Available

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