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Naturopathic Iridology Trainings and Certification

The iris is an ending point for the nerves of eighty-nine tissues, organs, and brain functions in the body. Iridology is a holistic health assessment tool used for reading the physical characteristics of the iris as a means of bringing attention to possible ailments, inherent weaknesses, and health concerns. To learn the techniques and benefits of Iridology equips the serious health care provider with the tools to assist clients in bringing balance to their mental, physical and emotional functions.  Iridology, now a credible wellness genre is used internationally by thousands of naturopaths and natural health professionals.

Naturopathic Iridology with A Life Of Peace Wellness Education Institute can be learned both online and in person. We offer several classes a year which include opportunities for extensive hands on learning at our annual Naturopathic Clinician Retreat.

   Level 1 Training is your introduction to accessing the window to the soul!
Learn iridology fundamentals for yourself and family wellness.
Learn to access the iris for dietary stress, toxicity, mental stress and inherent weaknesses.
Learn to provide natural recommendations relevant to stresses in the body system.
Learn to use manual assessment tools and develop accurate scanning techniques.
Become competent in facial analysis as an added assessment tool.
Level 1 Training is a prerequisite for Level 2 Certification.

Level 2 Training is your advancement into the professional realm if Naturopathic Iridology!
Learn Iridology as a professional health service with modern tools and techniques.
Learn advanced indicators in bowel health and the analysis of thoughts and personality.
Learn Advanced Chart Detail Format with various iridology charts.
Learn to identify nutritional needs and develop professional health programs.
Learn Whole Body Integration Healing (PEMS) and advanced treatments.
Learn proficiency in client care and preparing Naturopathic Iris Analysis Reports.
Become competent in Sclerology as an added assessment tool.
The Iridology Business is an added extensive training for proficient and confident service.
Certification is awarded with completion of level two training theory, essays, final exam and practical.

Interested in Naturopathic Iridology 2 Live Online

2024 DATES

February 29th, March 7 and 14th

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